Second Helpings

We at Pine Tree Lodge Designs would like to offer our friends
a little something extra.  So from time to time we will have bonus
project downloads for existing patterns. Original pattern purchase is necessary.

It's our way of saying Thank You!

We will offer these bonus projects in a PDF format, so you may need
Adobe Acrobat Reader to open & print them for your personal use.
To that end, we have provided a link to their site.

Octagon Tabletopper
17" Diameter #122

(posted September 2008)


To download BrightStars
To purchase pattern #122


“DoubleSize BrightStars”
26" Diameter #122

(posted September 2008)


To download DoubleSize BrightStars
To purchase pattern #122


“Christmas Centerpiece ” #307
(posted September 2005)


To download Christmas Centerpiece
To purchase pattern #307

“Sunshine & Shadows”
Tabletopper #308

(posted September 2005)

To download Sunshine & Shadows Tabletopper
To purchase pattern #308

“Hugs & Kisses” Pillows #306
(posted April 2005)

Whimiscal pillows that coordinate perfectly
with the "Hugs & Kisses" quilts.

To download Hugs & Kisses Pillows
To purchase pattern #306

Cardinal in the Woods wall hanging shown with & without border - Select image to enlarge
Select image to enlarge

Border for #103 - Cardinal in the Woods
(posted April 2004)

Now you can dress up that bright & cheerful fellow you created with Pattern #103 to help preserve your warm memories of a winter walk through the woods. The pattern uses rotary cutting coupled with template free & folded corner techniques to keep it sweet & simple.  The finished size of this delightful wall hanging with a new border is 21" x 27".

To download Border for #103
To purchase pattern #103

Flannel Flowers quilt shown with DaisyDash quilt pattern - Select image to enlarge
Select image to enlarge

Flannel Flowers
(posted January 2004)

Chase away the winter blues with cozy Flannel Flowers.
This fat quarter friendly project uses Pine Tree Lodge
Designs pattern DaisyDash #217.  There are two sizes
included with this file: 72" x 94" and 98" x 120".
Pattern #217 purchase is required.

To download Flannel Flowers
To purchase pattern #217


PDF files can be downloaded straight to your computer.
Instead of left-clicking on the link to open it,
right-click on the link for a shortcut menu that should include
an option that says Save Link As or Save Target As or
something similar that mentions saving.  Then it's just a matter
of saving the PDF to wherever you want on your computer.
Once you have downloaded & installed the free Adobe Acrobat Reader,
you may open, view & print the file in pdf format.

To get free Acrobat Reader, click on this link.

Flannel Tips


  1. Use a scant seam allowance due to the thicker seams.
  2. Use a slightly longer stitch length.
  3. If possible, loosen the presser foot pressure slightly.
  4. Cotton thread is recommended.
  5. Patterns specific for non-flannels may be used if pieces are larger.
  6. When pressing, it is acceptable to use steam.  Just be sure to press down on the seams, not iron across seams, which may stretch the flannel.


To pre-wash or not to pre-wash is a personal choice.  Flannels that are not pre-washed will shrink more the first time the finished quilt is washed.  Pre-washed flannels will shrink before use & have a firmer weave for easier handling when sewn.  Pre-washing is a good idea if you are making a scrap flannel project that includes fabrics from several companies, since they may shrink differently.  There will be additional shrinkage when the finished quilt is washed.  Flannels may continue to shrink for several washings.  When washing the finished quilt, use cold water & a gentle cycle.  The quilt may be line dried or put in a cool dryer.


  1. Dense, compact, cotton or cotton blend battings such as Warm & Natural, Hobb's Heirloom Cotton, and Quilter's Dream will work well.
  2. Polar fleece backing may be used with no batting.
  3. Basting spray works well on flannels.
  4. Simple quilting such as stitch in the ditch and/or cross-hatching may be used as long as there is adequate quilting to support the type of batting used.
  5. More intricate quilting also works well & looks wonderful after the quilt has been washed.
  6. Cotton thread works very well for quilting.  Rayon thread may also be used.


These tips are from personal observations & experiences only.
They are not intended to be the final answer to "How to work with flannel."
There are no rules in quilting - just guidelines.

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